Threptin and Is it good for adults ?

Question: I wanted to know abt Threptin and Is it good for adults ?

Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach, please consider this. Threptin is a highly MARKETED protein Snack/Supplement. Never be tempted reading the food labels “High Protein” , “ Zero Added Sugar”, “high fiber” , “Healthy”, “Natural” Etc. These are intelligent words to market convincing you its a healthy food, Its NOT. Now consider the ingredients in threptin. 

Robiflavine, Nicotinamide & Thiamine Hcl(Vitamin B family): Most people may not need , vitamin B1 you get it in regular diet. Its important for many Bodily functions and to treat many disorders too. Per 100 grams threptin gives you Approx 15 grams of vitamin. This water soluble vitamin although is safe At 50 Mg a day and above shows adverse affect . So DONT exceed the recommended dosage.

Casein: Casein protein is a slow digesting protein that gives sustained release of amino acids. So this can be a good snack if you have too much break between your meals and getting protein gets challenging. or before bedtime so it supplies constant aminos through the night not putting your body in a catabolic state.

Sugars(Sucrose):23 grams is too much of a sugar. if the elederly are diabetic, this may not be a good choice and you are giving them empty calories. If the elders are not active their sugar tolerance may be low too unlike athletes. Sugar is Poison !!

Overall verdict: Geriatrics need balanced nutrition rich in calcium and protein. Supplements can only be added to a good diet. This biscuit can be occasionally used where following nutrition can get difficult when travelling, journeys Etc. But not a regular snack at home. Any given day, Chicken breasts, egg whites, fish, should be a better option


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