I usually hit gym 6days in a week and I feel discomfort in the spine

Question: Hi crunches india. I usually hit gym 6days in a week and I feel discomfort in the spine. Can you please let me know the effective measures that can really help me to get rid of it.. can you please also let me know about the myth of consuming cold/hot water and which is effective.?

Answer: I am Exercise Therapy Specialist. Your spine has three regions. Lumbar , Thoracic and Curvical ( i will also attach the imagine for you to determine. ). Firstly, determine if is is acute pain or Chronic? Acute pain following a workout? play or at work? It can also be caused by a pinched nerve or a degenerative condition like Arthritis ( if its a medical condition refer to a doctor) . If its acute studies show 1/3 rd of people will recover from acute pain in one week . but it reoccurs in 40% of the people in next six months. So concentrate on PREVENTION by strengthening the muscles.

Exercises should be designed to help not to hurt. Strengthen the lower back muscles with carefully picked exercises. DO NOT USE HYPER EXTENSION at the Gym, Side bends, Sit Ups, Russian twists , Wind mill toe touches, Hand to Toe touches are a strict NO.

Maintain Neutral spine when carrying or lifting loads. Rounded back when doing dead lifts, other back exercises is a cause.

Try putting pillows under head and between your knees when lying on your side ; Under your knees when lying on your back, under your hips when lying on stomach. These positions reduces forces that sitting or standing impose on the back.

The warmth from Electric heating pads and Water Bottles soothes and relaxes the Aching muscles, increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to injured area and promote healing.

Spine manipulation is a practice and take the help of a Chiropractor . Massages help too.

Maintain healthy weight, your spine should balance and carry the load for you.

Cold or Hot Water: The key is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, whether that is room temperature or cold does not make too big a difference. Since, fat metabolism, is one of the many functions of the liver, which converts stored fat to energy. The kidneys need plenty of water to function. If the kidneys are water deprived, then the liver will take on their work along with its own, thus lowering the liver’s total productivity. As a result, fat will not metabolize as quickly or efficiently as it could when the kidneys are pulling their own weight.

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