I have started exercising recently by jogging on the Treadmill, how to improve upon what I am doing?

Question: I have started exercising recently by jogging on the Treadmill. I am also trying to improving my diet by eating fruits as snacks and avoiding any junk food (biscuits, chips etc). Do you have any advice on how to improve upon what I am doing?


Training: cardio makes you a sponge cake and strength workouts prepare you a battle hero. If your goal is to improve your cardiovascular health use that treadmill for 10 mins, if your goal is to lose weight lift weights( You promote new bone growth, Rev up metabolism and improve muscle mass). Follow this sequence
Brisk walk or bear walk for warm up 5-10 mins
1. Total body warm up stretches
2. Compound exercises and large muscle groups burn more calories. Circuits, complexes and large muscle group workouts with 30 seconds or less rest intervals between sets. 65% of One rep max weight.
3. Stretching/foam rolling and close
4. No floor exercises, side bends abs etc

Nutrition: people who wanna get in shape avoid junk food, eat millets, drink green tea, lemon honey, fruits etc . Have you seen one single guy transform? Its not about eating clean. It’s precisely calories game here. Fruits are good for health but avoid on your fat loss goal(fructose and insulin spike) . Still if you wish to have Best time to consume is post workout meal to replenish your glycogen stores. Pick low GI fruits. Get your Body composition analysis done (vlcc, many gyms have Bca machines) . Understand much muscle you have in the body. Your fat in the body is a dead weight and all the calories go in maintaining your vital functions. So right calorie prescription is the key. Upload your BCA here and will tell you how many calories to consume. Switch to all comp

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