I have cravings for Chapati, Rice and Full Meals

Question: I am planning for diet since long but many times I have cravings for chapati..... rice..Full meal etc and when I have full meal my weight loss program disturbs. Please suggest either one can have wheat or rice in a diet or suggest a good diet program

Answer: The best meal plan on this earth is useless if you cannot follow it . So make a meal or work with a dietician to make one where you can follow something a lifetime without feeling the burden of dieting and you have CONSISTENT RESULTS even if it is NOT FAST RESULTS. So I advise you to include Rice/Roti/chapati in your meal plan.

When is its best time to Eat Rice & chapati?
Simple sugars/refined carbohydrates should be EATEN POST WORKOUT. After intense resistance training you deplete your Muscle and Liver Glycogen stores (consider this is as body’s glucose or energy source for muscles). eating Banana/chocolate/juices/Roti/White rice is first utilized to replenish the Glycogen stores before turning to fat. So the goal is to train till exhaustion and have your cheat food

Why is it ROTI/CHAPATI not a great Lunch and Dinner choice:
EAT WHOLE GRAINS in the closest and Original form Available in Nature, its packed with Fiber, rich in nutrients and vitamins. The moment you destroy and make it refined, you simply lose the Nutrition. Eat Black gram don’t make idli with it, Eat Whole wheat, don’t make roti with it, Eat Whole rice, don’t make dosa with it and the list goes ON. If you still have to make it an option for lunch or dinner, Add raw Fiber supplement before lunch like Isabgol/Pysllium husk and eat your Roti so it will give you the effects of brown rice by slowing down the digestion

Foods and Fat loss:
Next time you eat a carbohydrate go to Google and type GI value of a specific food like GI value of ROTI, GI value of Apple, GI value of Pineapple. The lower the GI value the better it is for you on your weight loss goal. What it means for you is, the foods you eat will trigger an energy burst in your body, create an insulin spike and also trigger Fat conservation. So, on your WEIGHTLOSS GOAL PICK ALL LOW GI foods high in Fiber content.

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