I have been in weight loss journey after baby

Question: I have been enthusiastic in nutrition and I have been in weight loss journey after baby and I was very committed for an year and I haven’t stopped working out even after that. I my eating is good most of time. Now I am in good situation and weigh least in past 5 years. But, it’s been a year I haven’t done strength training exercises although I have been active. Now I would like to get fit and in shape especially at my tummy as it became very loose after c-section. Also I have back pain once in a while due to the epidural. What exercises would you suggest? How do I get consultation?

Answer: I am a Specialist in “ Exercise Therapy” . When you start your exercise consider your pre-pregnancy exercise status . If you have been sedentary, start off with low-level aerobic training on machines such as the upper body ergo meter or a recumbent bike and progressively adjust your body to weight training and you can progressively over load and up the intensity. Work on your Core strengthening exercises that will not aggravate the low back pain (Epidural induced pain). Many Bodybuilding exercises targeting the core you see on the internet may not be the safest. So incorporate Athletic practices for Core strengthening (Sport Specific Athletes cant afford injuries so you can say their training plans are safe unlike bodybuilding ). I am tagging Simran Bhatnagar who is certified in “Strength and conditioning”

Now the sequence of your training should be

1. A 5 minute brisk walk on a treadmill/cross trainer to warm up your body
2. Stretching and flexibility drills to prepare your body for the lifts
3. Large muscle groups burn more calories so concentrate on compound exercises followed by small muscle groups .
4. Incorporate more of circuits, conditioning workouts.
5. Stretching and foam rolling for active recovery .
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