I had a c section 8 months before, is it good to join gym now or aerobics?

Question: I had a C-Section 8 months before and I put on 15 kg post delivery,.is it good to join gym now or aerobics?

Answer: I am a specialist in exercise Therapy. Please consider the below recommendations.

During pregnancy the uterus stimulates the release of the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and relaxin. These hormones cause an increase in the laxity of the ligaments and all soft tissues.

Current research suggests that conditioning programs of moderate intensity help maintain fitness levels and ideal body weight, and fat levels. DONT LIFT HEAVY !! Training should be implemented using the following criteria: proper exercise prescription, safety of programming, convenience, and fun. You can start with Light weight but do more repetitions in weight training to maintain the intensity. COMBINE BOTH WORLDS OF AEROBICS AND STRENGTH TRAINING, GO TO A GYM. take into consideration the pre-pregnancy exercise status . If you have been sedentary, then starting off with low-level aerobic training on machines such as the upper body ergo meter or a recumbent bike are beneficial.

Not to Frighten you, Your trainer may not know it but you should decide to merit immediate cessation of exercise and consultation with a physician if any of the following symptoms persist.

* Vaginal bleeding
* Persistent contractions following exercise
* Dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath
* Any gush of water from the vagina (mild or moderate amounts of fluid)
* Swelling of ankles, feet, hands, and face
* Swelling, pain, and redness in the calf area of one leg (phlebitis)
* Chronic severe back pain
* Pain in the pubic area . if you would like to reduce weight, Please call us for your personalized Nutrition and training plan. Our number is 7780206383

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