I feel like I’m getting fat when i join Gym

Question: I’m 29yrs old, height 5’10”. I used to be 84kgs and then realized I should take it down a little. So i changed my food habits(mainly cutting off sugar). Avoided soft-drinks and sweets mainly. After one year I was back to 75kgs and my waist size came down 3 inches. I do a lot of physical activity so I don’t go to gym. Recently I took my friend’s advice( to build muscle) and joined the gym. I know it takes a lot of time for that, but i feel like I’m getting fat again. The flat belly is bulging up slowly. So what should I do to make it flat again and if possible build some muscle instead of fat..?

Answer: There is no spot reduction so NEVER waste time doing hours of cardio, Ab Crunches, side bends, floor exercises to stress your belly fat. Its stupidity. People don’t accidentally look like Hrithink Roshan, You deliberetaly plan your meals and workout routine to get there. People who go to gym will mostly live on Youtube workouts, end up eating “Healthy Looking foods” like Bananas, peanut butter, dates, milk etc. Its not about eating clean or its NOT about Calories IN Vs Calories out. These foods will trigger energy burst and fat conservation in the body. Your ratios of carbohydrate, Protein and Fat intake will decide if you have to look like a malnourished marathon runner and run 40 Kms or Look muscular like usain bolt and run for 100 Mts. Foods decide if you should Look like a boxer or a cyclist.

I want flat tummy, I want to become fit, I want to build strength, I want to lose weight statements does not sound like a goal to me. Goals should be very specific with numbers and time frame brother. I want to look like Hrithik, I want to lose 10 KG in one month, I want to be strong to lift 200 KG, Etc. Or you end up spending indefinite time chasing your dreams going to the gym man.

1. Decide how you wanna look. Hardik Pandya Or Ronaldo , Tigershroff OR Hrithink , Ronnie Coleman . Lean Athletic or Aesthetic or Slabs of muscle like a body builder.
2. Get your Body composition Analysis checked and understand your Bodyfat percentage. Any VLCC, Kolors, reputed gyms have scales. OR buy one Lenovo Xiaomi makes one.
3. You are healthy inbetween 15-18 body fat, You look lean and athletic between 12-14% body fat, You look super ripped between 7-9% Body Fat. No matter what your body fat percentage is, get to the percentages.
4. Look in the mirror , Now building muscle is artistic work. Want broad shoulders? Tapered “V” Back” ? Popping chest ? 16 inch bicep? You got to pick the right exercise selection.
5. Now on your Fat loss goal, exercise selection does not influence your muscle shape. So pick all random compound exercises , 65% of one rep max weight, 30 seconds rest interval and perform exercises with a goal to burn calories (HIIT) .
6. On your Muscle building goal, never attempt to gain more than 0.9-1.8 KG muscle a month. In most efficient bio-chemical circumstances your body can bio-synthesize only so much muscle tissue.
7. All your transformations happen in the kitchen. You will Lose Fat on CALORIE DEFIECIT, You gain Muscle+Fat on Calorie surplus. You should eat at certain calroes so you dont gain too much fat but put on optimal muscle.
8. First get down to atleast 12 % body fat before thinking to pack muscle. Or couple of days be on calorie surplus, train for hypotrophy and gain muscle size and rest days in a week back off eat calorie deficit and lose fat. This cycling approach works to simultaneously build muscle and lose fat same time.
9. No matter what your goal, pick complex carbohydrate sources, enough protein every meal to trigger protein synthesis.
10. Eat at right calories so you pack optimal muscle mass and very less fat. Your BCA report is your progress card and will decide your future work.
Comeback here, we will help you understand how many calories to eat (it needs lots of computations and mathematic formulas) so you can do it yourself. If you need us to help you make this journey, please call or WhatsApp us at 7780206383

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