I am a typical vegetarian, Is whey protein really good?

Question: I am a typical vegetarian and won't even include egg in my meal. But, it's tough to match my protein. Is whey protein really good or will it have any side effects? My friends say it will give some side effects. Can you please provide a rightful information.

Answer: I am Sports Nutrition specialist. Nutritional supplements are, in fact, super foods and super nutrients, not drugs. When people think of supplements, they tend to relate them more to drugs than to food. This is partly due to the way they look, (tablets, capsules, etc.,) and from their origins in clinical settings. Boost, Bournvita and Horlicks are also supplement powders that gives you carbohydrates, protein and other profiles of Vitamins and Minerals infused but you don’t treat them as supplements because you were seeing it from Childhood and were picked right at super markets.

Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER)is a method of determining Quality of protein. Egg has 3.92 , Whey has 3.6-3.9 , Soya has 2.3. Meaning, Whey is superior to Soya .

The Biological value (BV) (When a protein contains the essential amino acids in a proportion similar to that required by the body, it has a high Biological Value) Whey is better digested and absorbed by the body and Whey is known as the anabolic protein since it increases protein synthesis with a greater efficiency than other sources. The BV of Soy is 74, Egg white is 77, Milk 91, raw Egg 100, Raw Whey 104. There are different Whey proteins, Raw Whey , Whey concentrate, Whey Isolate , whey protein hydrolysate(Pre digested) . Go with isolates and Hydrolyzed Whey.

Now next time if anyone asks you is Whey safe? ask them back, is Horlicks Safe :P … Whey is safe for consumption, Enjoy your shakes.

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