I am runner and run 3 days in a week and 4 days gym

Question : I need some info related to workouts. I am runner and run 3 days in a week and 4 days gym. Because of 4 days , unable to cover all muscle groups. Can you please suggest better compound workouts for 3 days gym. Thank you

Answer: I am a certified strength and conditioning coach and can prime your performance for any sport. Please consider my inputs. Bone Strength: As a runner your body demands having strong bones. This means that doing high-impact plyometrics and rope skipping builds bone more than walking does. Non-weight bearing swimming and cycling can actually reduce bone density faster than doing no exercise at all does. So Avoid excessive Walking and Swimming Sets & Reps : Are you a Long-distance runner running marathons or a sprinter? If you are a Sprinter you need to be explosive and train to develop speed. If you are an endurance athlete doing marathon train to improve endurance. Plyometric training will improve your speed along with mobility and speed drills like Plyo-box jumps, running between cones, Etc . Your target repetitions can be between 6-12 for each set of exercise. If your goal is to improve endurance you need prolonged muscular contractions and your repetitions should be 12-25 , Pick a weight accordingly that yields so many repetitions per set. Core Workouts: Running demands a strong core. So your overall training routine should have a good core workout at the center. Include McGill Curl-up, Side-bridges, Kettle bell swings , Hip Thrusters, Hip raise, Low to high cable chops or high to low cable chops, Staggered Hand Push-Ups, Farmer Carries, Overhead slam-ball winds, Stir the Pot , Pall of Press on cable machine , Planks, Side planks , Weighted planks Exercises: Your glutes, Quads to calf should fire to generate power that should propel you. So Train your legs pretty hard. Deadlifts, Bench press and Squats should form the crux of your routine this will build amazing strength and engage your core musculature too. Front Loaded Squats for Quads, Back loaded squats, hip Thrust, glute bridges, Calf raises, Leg curls will give you well rounded development of legs. Your 3 day training routine: Go with any combination as exercise selection does not define muscle shape. You are either training for endurance or Hypertrophy. As long as you are RECOVERING, you can train same muscle group every day. Or split. You can come with any creative combinations, sample below. Day-1 : Quads+ Back+ Glutes Day2: Chest + Hamstring + Core Day 3: Calf + Shoulder + Arms If you further need help on how to improve your speed and performance or sports nutrition. We can help you there too. Don’t hesitate to ask us.


Followup Question: Am endurance runner and planning to strength workouts for core and legs as you mentioned. Will follow given one and is it possible to suggest needed workouts for given category or shall I go with any 3 types of each one which makes 9 and 4 sets each. Please suggest.

Answer: The goal is to hit the muscles with varied speeds, tempo, angles, for a well over all developmentof the muscle. So if you Use front loaded squats for effective Quad activation, may be next week you can go with Bulgarian Split Squats. One week go with Hip Thrusts, Next week go with Pull through or glute bridges. This week if you use inclined bench press next time go with declined or flat. If you have more time, you can even go with more than one exercise for that muscle group. The muscles grow with "Volume of Work" , "Time under tension" and "metabolic stress imposed". So more work is better too.

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