I am having muscle pain near my right shoulder blade

Question: I am having muscle pain near my right shoulder blade as shown in below pic. Is there a way to overcome this pain.


Answer: I am a bodybuilding coach. Please consider this. Weakness in certain muscles exist and the condition is exposed when you recruit them to perform specific work/contractions. It could also be pain, tension, restricted blood flow and inflexibility. This could be due to the weakness in the Rotator cuff muscles. Sometimes it can be an acute pain at pin point or run through a stretch from neck to the back. This pain will be triggered either while performing house hold work, or workouts especially behind the neck (Over head triceps extensions, Behind the neck Lat pull down, behind the neck shoulder press, etc) .

1. This condition is better addressed by incorporating shoulder Internal and External rotations that will strengthen your SITS muscle. include this as a part of your warm up every single day and follow it for rest of the life. i do it every single day. You can use a resistance band or light weight dumbbells (No HEAVY). 

2. Make a note; You pivot your elbows when you do rotations both abduction adduction, This will do the painful myofascial release work.

3. Aslo include face-pull exercise on your shoulder workout day. Do not construct this as a medical advise.

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