I am facing difficulty while getting down the stairs with sprained ankle

Question: I sprained my ankle(Grade 2 injury) and its been 2 months even after medication and ultrasound therapy its not healed completely. I am facing difficulty while getting down the stairs.
Since then im mostly working on my upper body. If i walk more than 15 minutes my ankle is hurting.

Can you please suggest rehab exercises to make my ankle strong?

And few tips and suggestions on do's and dont's.It would be great help.... Thanks!

Answer: I am a specialist in “Exercise Therapy” , please consider this. Ankle sprains are very common. Ankle sprains occur when a ligament connecting the bones or cartilage of the ankle is ruptured or torn.

The two keys to improving y
our ankle health are:
* Maintain and improve range of motion
* Improve strength and muscular endurance of the ankle joint
Now Follow the exercises prescribed that will improve your condition. On how to do it, please search on youtube and you have many demonstrations.

* Heel cord stretch
* Seated gas pedal
* Seated ankle circles
* Seated foot inward/outward
* Elastic hard gas pedal
* Elastic hard foot inward/outward

You normally do That elastic Gas pedal using a resistance band. You can buy the bands online or at Decathlon.


* Inappropriate/worn-out shoes
* Walking on uneven surfaces
* Being overweight - your ankles bear the additional weight

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