I am busy in work from Morning 8 to night 8 and want to cut fat

Question: I weigh 100 kgs now. And am busy in work from Morning 8 to night 8. Getting zero time for exercise in spite of knowing the importance of work outs in life. I was 130. Reduced to 100 now. But am in this constant weight since last 4 months. Pls suggest me some exercise which i can do in and around my home or hospital to reduce some further pounds. I follow a strict less carb high protein diet.

Answer: If your weight is Stagnant and you hit a Weight Loss Plateau: How to break it

Please consider these strategies I am listing tried and tested on elite athletes globally to bring up optimal body composition without hitting a weight loss plateau. You can even reach 7% body fat without hitting a plateau.

Exercise and Calorie Restricted diets are a “Stress” condition to the body. Our bodies operate off a negative feedback loop, and when we impose stress to our bodies our bodies need to adapt to maintain balance “Homeostasis” or Dynamic Equilibrium. One interesting feature of this dynamic balance is that over the long term, the body often tries to stay or get back to its preferred weight no matter how severely you cut down the calories or exercise more. Dieting intensely, or trying to reach very low levels of body fat, can lead to a reduction in metabolic rate. While it’s true that our weight depends on energy in VS energy out it’s not always a straightforward mathematical equation. Your body adjusts its functions to the Low calorie feeding making it nearly impossible to lose Fat. Implement these strategies that keeps the body guessing with fluctuating calorie and carbohydrate intakes that are fairly unpredictable.


1. In a week, plan to eat at maintenance calories for few days and on a calorie deficit rest of the days . NEVER GO ON STARIGHT LOW CALORIE DIETS FOR DAYS AND WEEKS TOGETHER.

2. The second approach is Cycling carbs. In a week, you start with low carbs, go medium carbs and high carbs.

Be sure to cycle both the calories and the carbohydrates to prevent quick adaptation and stagnation.

Exercise At home:

Always Buy a “Resistance Tube” you can hit every muscle group in the body and its like carrying a personal gym with you at all the time. It costs 1000 rupees and its ultra-compact and foldable and you can carry it everywhere. Make sure you exercise as expelling 7000+calories will result in 1 KG fat drop and there is no other way. Your preference should be to do compound exercises preferably Legs, Back, Chest to burn more calories.

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