I am 19 year old boy and I weigh 95kg

Question: I am 19 year old boy, I weigh 95kg and my height is 5' 11" I have tried each every thing to reduce weight and get a proper shape to my body but I couldn't..Once I had lost weight upto 8kgs but then I met with an accident and I again started gaining weight. Plz guide me and help me to get better results as soon as possible


If everything else failed, Dont worry.You are in safe hands now. We have a document pinned which will help you make a diet chart. However, we will make one for you. Please read the below instructions.


1. Please get your BCA (Body composition Analysis
done ) . You have this facility in VLCC, Golds gym, Kris Gethins, Labelle , etc. They will charge you anywhere between 300-500 rupees. This will give you results on fat percentage , muscle mass , bone density , Etc.
2. Once we know your Muscle mass, we caluclate your calories needed by your body. Your fat does not need fuel, only your lean mass needs nutrition. So, its important you do not follow a diet based on your ttal body weight. Hence the test is necessary.
3. Once we have your details, we plan your diet chart and workout program. Either home workouts or a gym routine.
4. Your first goal is to loose Unnecessary Fat, try reaching 8-10% Body fat level. And then concentrate on building optimum Levels of muscle.
5. In order for your body to not adapt to certain calories, we change your diet every week.
6. Dont worry all you can payback is through being motivated and your transformation is 100% free. We will follow up even if you dont.
We look forward to seeing your report and are enthusiastic to work with you on your transformation. Thanks for choosing us for your free transformation. Please leave your phone number in our inbox. We will call you to explain few thing

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