How to select the best personal trainer on earth?

We are 13800 people and most of us go to different gyms in different cities and countries. I want you guys to take this assessment to determine the “INDUSTRY STANDARDS” not the individual.

ACE certified? 20 years experienced in Fitness Industry? Home training? Top Celebrity trainers? Branded gyms? Bodybuilders? Chiseled Physiques? Could be anyone.

I am giving you a SIMPLE QUESTION to asses them. If you get the answer pay them 100,000$, they are the best trainers on this earth and they will bring in a lot of value to you No matter what your goals are in Fitness. Simple

Every gym has this small dome shaped ball called “BOSU BALL” lying at one side off the gym mainly used for balance training.

Ask someone you think who is a Professional or Fitness guru “WHY IS IT CALLED BOSU BALL” NOT JUSU BALL OR SUSU BALL. Just the FULL FORM of BOSU. Here I am not trying to assess their knowledge, their ability, their qualification. I’m not trying to debate Top Bicep exercises, Best fat loss exercises, Six pack assessment. I am not talking about Health, anatomy, kinesiology, Bio mechanics, Side effects of Keto diet. I am talking about a simple and common fitness equipment lying in the gym, understand. Remember, Everyone sees this small BOSU every day, makes their clients use them  and it’s there in most of the gyms. You cannot buy something without knowing what it is !!


    1. Did someone answer it right?
    2. If NOT, did they tell you “I DON’T KNOW” and can find it out for you
    3. Worst case, Did they give you some information trying to pretend knowledgeable

Can you mention your experiences working with your trainers/gyms/Clients/Certified professionals?
Because Somehow this Fitness industry is always ready with answers on “How to get rid of Belly fat”, “Weight Loss” , “Muscle Building” . That’s like a HR asking a Fake resume “How do you see yourself in next 5 years” , “Explain your past project” , “What are your strengths and weakness” , You have been prepared to tackle !!.

My ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS INDUSTRY IS No one Learns “Safety/Anatomy/Bio Mechanics/Kinesiology”.  I come with 13 years of IT sales expertise, I have been cheated badly all the time. I paid for meal plans/training plans/followed those Gym gurus. That’s when I picked up my education.

This is not to show case Crunches/I is superior in knowledge or debating the qualification. My concern is if people don’t have the DESIRE TO LEARN and their learning curve is ending at bodybuilding how come these people can help others who really needed help like I DO. COMMENT YOUR EXPERIENCES PLEASE

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