How to deal with stretches for frozen shoulder/shoulder impingement

Question: Team any advise on stretches for frozen shoulder/shoulder impingement. Which is restricting my range of motion. Any advise or suggestion is welcomed

Answer: Im doing my education in Exercise as a therapy and can help you. Shoulder problems can be the result of many different causes, such as osteoarthritis, trauma, bursitis, tendonitis, or may even be idiopathic (i.e., no known cause) .

The shoulder is a b
all-and-socket joint much like the hip joint. Go to any gym and you will see men and women doing all kinds of overhead presses to build up the ‘show’ muscles. However, they often neglect the very important SITS muscles. The rotator cuff musculature is made up of these SITS muscles.


Three major contributors to rotator cuff problems are described below:
* Age: The risk for a rotator cuff injury increases with age. Normal wear and tear, an increase in calcium deposits within the joint, and bone spurs can irritate the rotator cuff.
* Trauma: An injury to the shoulder— whether it is from a fall or any other kind of trauma—is another source of problems for the shoulder joint.
* Overhead activities: LikePlaying tennis, Over Head Presses with heavy weights.

the Corrective exercises are : CHOKER STRETCH, REAR CANE LIFT, FORWARD CANE LIFT, EXTERNAL ROTATOR, INTERNAL ROTATOR, THE V SODA CAN LIFT . daily perform these stretches when you warm up and doing Facepulls will help you. Once you strengthen your muscles around the affected area, your range of motion will improve.

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