How safe is MB whey when compared to other whey proteins available in market

Question: I have few queries about Protein we take..Earlier we discussed in a post that, Whey is the best protein when compared to other proteins w.r.t digestion, and protein absorbability and so on..
Actually we strictly avoid milk in our diet, compared to it's PRO's we have many CON's anee..

But Whey Protein is again from Milk and it's milk solids.. so will the whole procedure of converting milk to milk solids reduce these adversities of milk?

Also we recommend MB whey, but it's always advisable to avoid protein that contain additives and artificial sweeteners. Tried to figure out more but, not able to get which sweeteners are used in MB.. but have sweeteners in it.

Can you let me know how safe is MB whey when compared to other whey proteins available in market in terms of additives, sweeteners, GMO's and gluten. Thanks.

Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach, consider this. Dairy milk promotes excess estrogen in the body due to it containing estrogen. So we avoid it to our clients. steroid hormones in dairy products could be counted as an important risk factor for various cancers in humans. Plz refer

Now Whey is not milk solids, to my knowledge Whey protein is a co-product of the cheese making process.
1. Fresh milk is tested, approved by Quality Assurance experts and pasteurized. 2. The casein, or "curd", and a portion of the milk-fat are separated out to make cheese. 3. The remaining liquid whey goes through a series of fine, specialty filters to separate the whey protein from the lactose and other ingredients in the liquid whey. 4. Concentrated liquid whey enters an ion exchange tower to further concentrate and purify the whey protein. Ion exchange is a gentle process and does not denature, or "break down", the whey protein. 5. Next, the product enters a drying tower to remove water. 6. The final step is to package the pure whey protein isolate powder into various size containers for use.

Considering the sugars, They are added in different quantities to produce the taste so people enjoy it. you also get unsweetened whey but you may not like it or really wanna taste it. Given the fitness populations needs, the sugars are minimal and as we time our whey around workouts, the sugars are efficiently utilized by the body without turning to fat. Also the sugars from whey are also counted as part of your daily caloric intake and subtracted form your Carbohydrates when we make a meal plan.

I personally dont endorse brands but Muscle blaze is the only affordable indian brand and being a big company they may not pack Boost or ponds powder and sell as whey protein, so given the reputation you can count on them. Now one brand is not superior to other given your budget, taste , flavor , availability, delivery and need buy one. DOnt worry about sweeteners, Stevia, sugars, natural sugars are all same. Next time someone comes from abroad, get it its affordable and cheap.

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