How long should you go on a treadmill to lose weight?

  • Is doing treadmill post workout don't create any benefit?? 
  • How long should you go on a treadmill to lose weight?  
  • Pre workout or post workout?
  • And is there any benefits of using jump rope between sets?
Please tell me how to combine weights lifting and cardio to loose weight, fat and inch to get better shape quickly in healthy way.

Answer: No typical bodybuilder uses treadmill to condition his body. But they are in their top shape, fat trimmed and in top condition. you should be careful on your goals. Cardio/Aerobic activity is to elevate your heart rate and if improving your cardiovascular health (Heart health) is the goal may be a 10-15 minute walk is good.

The problem at hand is when you use Treadmill for Weight loss. People excessively use treadmill for 30 mins-2 hrs with a goal to burn calories. When a person is overweight, his joints are under stress and prone to wear and tear when used treadmill excessively. Unlike sprinters, boxers, Rugby players ; Marathon Runners , Cyclists, Long distance runners THEY DON'T HAVE GREAT MUSCLE MASS. If your nutrition is not up to the mark, chances are large you will compromise your muscle mass running on a treadmill excessively. Your treadmill activity engages primarily your Small twitch muscle fibers unlike any weight baring activities or weight training that primarily engages and develops your Long twitch muscle fibers. So unless your goal is to improve your cardiovascular health, my recommendation will be NOT TO USE TREADMILL for weight loss.

1. keep the rest interval between your sets to 30 seconds or less and your heart rate is elevated.
2. Combine 4 exercises back to back without a break , take 30 seconds break and perform another set for a total of 4 sets. Ex: Back squats , dead lifts, Bent over rows, shoulder press , etc back to back.
3. Use jump rope between your sets .
4. Use sled drags , Battle ropes , Plyo-box jumps between sets to condition your body.
5. Weight training with High intensity will condition your body, improve your muscle mass, improves your strength, promote bone density, improve muscular endurance , improves your metabolism .
6. Weight training will condition your body like a warrior , treadmill will make you a sponge cake .

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