How is it that doing leg exercises help cut fat

Question: Read in one of the articles online that legs workout helps in cutting fat. How is it that doing leg exercises help cut fat , but when you engage the same muscles for cardio, you become a sponge cake ?

Answer: This is a very intelligent question man, I like it. Please consider my explanation.

There are many ‘Activity Trackers” like fit bit . People even when they get up for a coffee feel good because the steps are counted and Activity tracker records the activity end of the day calculating some thousands of steps cumulatively. Now are you using Bodily movements, yes. Now are you burning calories? Yes. Are your muscles producing contraction during activity, Yes. But is it an exercise? NO. Exercise is a planned, structured, and repetitive activity for the purpose of improving or maintain PHYSICAL FITNESS. Now components of PHYSICAL FITNESS are strength, endurance, power, mobility, flexibility, agility etc. 

Now, when you TRAIN LEGS:

1. When you push 200 KG with legs – You DEVELOP STRENGTH in Leg muscles
2. When you Run for 40 Kms Marathon – you DEVELOP ENDURANCE
3. When you are able to run 1 Kms in shortest time frame – you DEVELOP SPEED
4. When you are quickly able to change the Directions like playing Rugby – You DEVELOP Agility .
5. When you Move 200 KG with legs in shortest time – You DEVELOP POWER
6. When your Legs are flexible like a Gymnast – You DEVELOP FLEXIBILITY

Yes you become a sponge cake because other than endurance you are losing all the aspects of Fitness mentioned above. You also lose a great deal of muscle mass on a calorie deficit without resistance training, look at endurance athletes like marathon runners, long distance cyclists. They are not muscular, attaching a pic for your reference. Now, CAN YOU ACHIEVE ENDURANCE BENEFIT WITHOUT CARDIO with strength Training? YES. With short rest intervals of less than 30 seconds between sets with repetitions of 12-25 per set you can develop endurance, keep the heart rate elevated. Now Leg Muscles also burn more calories as gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and bigger muscles burn more calories than smaller muscles. While calorie burning STOPS after your cardio activity, you continue to burn calories for next 48 hrs when you sit, sleep or do nothing but watch TV when you do weight training. You also promote new bone growth, increase muscle mass and increase metabolism when you weight train as none of these benefits are attained through steady state cardio. All these together will make you strong while steady state cardio makes you a “Sponge cake” weak and skinny

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