How does having 2 to 3 cup black coffee help?

Question: Hi Crunches, I need to clarity one thing apart from my diet i m having 2 to 3 cup black coffee . I m in Germany and weather is very cozy here now a days, and coffee will help me to go on, so need guidance from you.Thanks in advance.

 Answer: 400 mg is how much caffeine most healthy people can regularly consume in a day without undue negative side effects. they caution that 100 mg of caffeine taken close to bedtime may affect sleep quality. Avoid it before bedtime. Keep in mind that the half-life of caffeine is 5 hours (on average; it varies greatly between individuals) which means that you probably still have caffeine in your blood if you drank coffee within the last 10 hour. For children it is

* 4–6 years: 45 mg/day
* 7–9 years: 62.5 mg/day
* 10–12 years: 85 mg/day


Caffeine is a great fat burner and stimulant , it gives you mental alertness by stimulating your Central Nervous system(CNS). But it should be cycled as your body reaches tolerance level. I personally cycle it every 3 weeks. One week go off cycle after 3 weeks of consumption or your body reaches tolerance levels and you need to be addicted to take the same dosage or uptake the dosage.

To give you an idea...if you have to reach a maximum dosage you need to consume so many beverages as suggested in the pic, which is unusual...just for you to compare and understand how much is maximum...enlarge that image.. If you wanna keep yourself warm, pleases consider any warm water with flavor from spices to also create a thermogenic effect, but DO NOT GO beyond this recommendations.

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