Home workouts for fat burning

Many people ask me for home workouts for fat burning: This is by far the best workout. YOU CAN USE Barbells, Kettle Bells or dumbbells to perform this. This is a Barbell complex circuit and you need to complete 4-5 variations without a break. And do 5 sets with high intensity with 30 seconds of rest interval between each set. How to increase the intensity?

1. Increase the repetitions every week.
2. You can increase the weight
3. You can shorten your rest intervals .

Create a vacum in your stomach while you perform and your core abs workout is taken care.
Aerobic training benefits can be attained through intense peripheral heart action training or circuit training. Strength-training benefits cannot be attained through aerobic training. It’s not just calories burned during exercises: it is what happens afterward.

With weight training, your metabolism is boosted for up to 36 hours, unlike with aerobics, so you will literally burn more calories while you sit and relax or even sleep. A few extra calories an hour for 36 hours, over the long haul, will add up. SO STOP RUNNING ON THAT FANCY TREADMILLS AND CROSS TRAINERS unless you are looking for cardio vascular health. No single type of long, slow cardio has any place in the regimen of serious bodybuilders

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