Help on Reducing weight with 1927 BMR

Question: I have read the PDF file which has posted in a group according to the BMR formulae has mentioned in a file i have calculated my BMR and it shows 1927 BMR according to my height,weight,age etc so i need a help to reduce my weight as soon as possible...

Answer: Yes if you calculated based on your lean body mass and you see its 1927, Eat at 1927. Because you workout hard, Keep your carbohydrate levels high. Keep your protein intake 30-40% , 15% Fat and rest all Carbs...this way you will maintain your muscle mass when you train. 

Start eating at BMR and every week increase the calories by 150, This increase should be your Protein, not carbs or fat....make sure you burn at-least 500 Calories a day so in a week you loose a pound of fat . Do this till you reach 8-11% body fat. use cardio as a tool for weight loss for 3 times a week and strength train for a minimum of 5 days a week....Good luck

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