Hari Krishna's Success Story

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And it is time to share another progress with my #CrunchesTeam.. This has been my greatest acheivement I could ever get.. There were days where I felt gym is not my place to perform weight liftings and body workouts since i had skin issues with the barbells and all other iron equipment... At times I felt i must rely only on cardio and other zig-zag movements ( which evry gym trainers suggest to do and fill their bucks) and I completely lost hope on myself with a dream of becoming fit and lean. I always look at others with more enthusiasm and felt too low on my physic!!

Here come my days😍😛 with this amazing team of Crunches🤩 Before talking to Raj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ Sir I even felt that i would be getting the similar workouts and somehow with lot of confusions i made a call.!! This is my biggest thing i did to myself. I explained all my issues, challenges and goals.. I even remeber that call had lasted for 2hours👏👏Raj Sir took a lot of time and analysed my body and provided my lot of worthy diets and workouts.. I started slowly by lifting smaller weights and took all the precautions which Raj Sir has suggested👏👏 Thats it!!🤩🤩 Finally i fought with my skin issues and today I am able to lift heavy weights🤜🏼🤛🏻

During this journey i felt low at multiple times and thought of giving up.. At those times Simran Bhatnagar Mam had motivated, encouraged and made me to perform much better than before.. Being a woman, She never hesistate or got irritated to answer all my questions... She took me forward whenever i fell down👏👏 I never forget her words.. she never made me to give up and pushed hard to grow further😍

Whenever i text or call, they are available always and answer more than I ask👏👏😍 That patience and commitment, I bet that no one would provide me☝️☝️With all their rich nutrition chart and effective workouts, I made this happen🤝🙌🏻

People around me started looking at me as their motivation and asking inputs😛🤪😂 I was like Wowwww😂 and pushed even harder than I could 😍 Started at a Fat percentage of 28🤨🤨 and i came down to 16!!! 😍🤩 lot more to cut off😆

Its been a long journey for me with this team and i hope it continues forever and ever to achieve fitness goals.. I know this is not my complete achievment.. a long to... Meanwhile I thought if sharing my little achievment 🤩🤩

I whole heartedly thanking you Raj Sir and Simran Mam 😊🙃🙂🤩 for helping me to reach such amazing results which i dreamt👏👏👏 I hope i should achieve much more than this with all your teachings and blessings🤪


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