Green tea or Green coffee?

Question: Hello everyone i'll have a small doubt regarding my diet so since last week onwards i am using a diet plan for weight loss so there is a pre-workout drink is green tea vth lemon so instead of this i am consuming a green coffee so i want to know isn't it correct while replacing with green tea..

Answer: Its Pre Breakfast. Meaning, may be you can have it after you wake up. Its rich of anti-oxidants and will help you fight free radicals boosting your immunity. Now your pre work meal is a combination of Complex Carbs+protein. Have it before 3 hours so it leaves your body and you are not full on your workout. You do not need fats as pre work out. Proteins release amino acids that will protect your muscle loss when you work out and complex carbs gives you slow and sustainable energy powering your workouts. A simple combo can be egg whites+Otas, Brown rice+Chicken breast. You can include Black coffeee to use it as a fat loss tool as well as to boost your concentration in your gym. Out of your protein goal for the day 40% of it should come before and after your workouts to protect your muscle from loss and rebuild it after your workout. Hope this helps

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