General question on Hair fall, acne and dandruff

Question: I have a general question on Hair fall, acne and dandruff. I know it’s a very individual thing, but do you have any general advice's on reducing the above.

Answer: Hair fall and male pattern baldness can be hereditary , IF NOT . Lets evaluate other conditions.

Problem 1 : Use of drugs also causes hair loss. This occurs because drugs deplete your body’s minerals by passing them out your urine or stools. If you use anti-fungal or bronchodilators, you will lose potassium. If you use anti-diabetics you lose iodine. If you use anti-thyroid, aspirin, diuretics, or tetracycline’s you will lose calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. Understand whats happening and supplement with Minerals or whole foods.

Problem 2 & Solution : Most of us, over time, develop plaque buildup along your artery walls. This plaque narrows your arteries and reduces the blood circulation throughout your body and scalp. This is a major cause that prevents you from having healthy hair. Plaque prevents Nitric Oxide, which is produced by the artery walls, from getting into the blood stream where it can reach the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. The less blood that reaches your hair follicles the less nutrients and nitric oxide are available for growing hair. - Exercise opens up gateways to millions of cells and improves circulation.

Problem 3: Dieting & Weight Loss: Eating less food and less nutritional food reduces your mineral intake. Your body becomes unbalanced in the nutrients it needs to keep your body and hair healthy. t is usually a dietary deficiency in iron, biotin, zinc, or protein. It may also be caused by excess vitamin A. Use a Mineral Supplement or Multi Vitamin that contains above.

Problem 4: If you change your diet to vegetarian, then you run the risk of losing hair if you don’t eat enough protein

Problem 5: There is a tiny mite that lives in practically all hair follicles called Demodex follicularum. This mite can be a cause or can contribute to your hair loss, especially in middle age.

Solutions: Try Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Hair Rinse and Make a Home based EGG Shampoo:
Your hair and scalp are normally slightly acidic, a pH of 4.5 to 5.5, which helps to control and kill germs that would otherwise accumulate. This pH is also necessary for your scalp cells to completely metabolize protein into amino acids, which your cells and follicles use as food.

Improve Thyroid Hormone functions, Reduce Stress- Exercise Regularly

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