Food intake and workouts for a fast recovery after being injured

Question: I need some suggestions regarding food intake for a fast recovery after being injured and quickly get back for our workouts without actually impacting our weight and calories during this recovery period..!!

Answer:  I am a sports Nutrition coach, consider this. Injuries and recovery is a part of athletes life. during your Physical Injury/Accidents/ Road accidents intentionally or unintentionally we UNDER EAT. too few calories during recovery from injury can prevent an individual from getting healthy. sports injury and minor surgery may increase BMR by 15%-20% while major surgery and burn injury may lead to a 50% increase in BMR.
1. increased dietary protein is recommended for injury repair.
2. omega-3 fats will be anti-inflammatory. Include fish oil
3. Include Good Carbs (insulin is anabolic hormone and may help-in healing)
4. Vitamin A upto 10,000 IUONLY for 1-2 weeks is safe approach as it supports Collagen formation and supports inflammation
5. vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant and immune system modulator - Aim for 2 grams a day.
6. Zinc necessary for tissue regeneration and repair. Zinc deficiency has been associated with poor wound healing. Aim for 15-30 Mg a day.


In addition, Dietary Herbs can be used for inflamation.

Turmeric, Garlic, Bromelain (Pinepale plant extract) , Boswellia (type of tree)

nutritional supplements containing blueberry or grape extracts, green tea extracts, citrus extracts (hesperedin, naringin, etc.),

Focus on Curry powder/turmeric, Garlic, Pineapple, Cocoa, Tea, Blueberries.

Use one or all of the above methods . Do not construct this as a medical advise.

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