Feeling some burning sensation in both the knees

Question: In last two days while doing walking launge (basic , without any weights ) , I experienced acute pain in left knee and I m unable to do some basic squat today as my knee is getting hurt even more and also feeling some burning sensation in both the knees.. Could you please help me to get it resolved.

Answer: I am a Bodybuilding coach and an Exercise Therapy Specialist too. Consider this. Let’s investigate .

Have you checked your Vitamin D levels recently? Please check and I most likely suspect that should be the cause. If you
are low on Vitamin D, your doctor will prescribe certain International Units of Vitamin D. Your body can take upto 4000 IU a day without reaching toxicity.

Your Weight: If you are overweight your knee bears the load , so maintain optimal body composition . Im sure, this may not be your issue at hand.

Your Squats: Knee pain typically occurs when your toes carry most of your weight during full squats, which puts more stress on the front of your knee. Pretend you’re sitting back in an imaginary chair as you squat. Sometimes people squat with feet pointed straight, but better way is to point your Knee in the direction of your feet and your Feet at about 45 degrees pointing out.

Squat depth: People judge the squat depth, some attempt to go down all the way down touching the heel, But parallel and below parallel depth should be Good. if you go too deep, YOU ARE ALSO STRETCHING YOUR KNEES creating tension. Beyond these possibilities you may need to see a physician to investigate if there is other conditions causing pain.

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