Does prolonged inclined treadmill harms any of the body parts like knee or back?

Question: Does prolonged inclined treadmill (walking or jogging) harms any of the body parts like knee or back?

Answer: When you say “Prolonged” I wanna advise you any CARDIO/Aerobic activity program is designed to Improve your “CARDIO VASCULAR HEALTH”. So a 5-10 minute brisk walk is all you need. Rest all goals like improving ENDURANCE CAN BE ACHIEVED with better exercise selection and your joints bearing less load. 


The shin muscles tend to be weaker than those of the calf, as the calf muscles are involved in everything from climbing stairs to keeping the body from falling forward when standing. As such, exercises may be required to overcome a muscle imbalance that can potentially lead to ankle joint injury. So Dorsiflexion like Uphill walking, Inclination on treadmill, Heel walking is an isometric exercise for the muscles of the shin, Toe raises are another good exercise to strengthen these muscles, Seated resistance-band dorsiflexion is another exercise that trains the shin muscles. Using weight plates under the feet when squatting is also a good idea. Consider These better suggested alternatives.

Running on a treadmill is different than running on flat ground or outdoors. treadmill feels “easier” on the body is because the ground is actually being pulled underneath your feet Unlike running outdoors where your feet is pulling your body forward.

1. As the treadmill pulls your leg back, there will be stretching of the hip flexors and flexing of the glutes. If you have weak glutes and hamstrings, it may result in pulling improperly with the hip flexors and poor form in the back
2. Shin Splints: I know many people just Turn On the treadmill and start walking running with a sole intention of Burning calories. They don’t consider safe bio-mechanics. Poor running mechanics; Tight, stiff muscles in the lower leg; Running with excessive forward lean; Running with excessive backwards lean; Landing on the balls of your foot; and Running with your toes pointed outwards all this will contribute to Pain in the Shins.
3. Walking is a total body movement and Your joints bear your Body weight and are prone to excessive wear and tear especially if you are overweight. Example: If your tummy is coming forward, your spine is working overtime to balance the popping tummy to pull it close to your body. On top of it if you start running on a treadmill, Im leaving it to your understanding. Now, your knee joints to take a beating. They are working overtime to support your excess body weight also moving them against treadmill resistance.

Long distance cyclists and endurance athletes like marathon runners take good care of their joints supplementing with Chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and also go through rigorous training protocols , they follow safe bio-mechanics and invest in good infrastructure. Unlike them, All my life I have only seen people using treadmills excessively with a goal to burn fat/calories to name it “Cardio” day. So please consider the risks to benefits ratio. In my whole lifetime I have never used a cardio machine beyond 5 minutes as part of my warm up.

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