Do we really have to go high calories and low calories diet to reach the ideal weight?

Question: Do we really have to go high calories and low calories diet to reach the ideal weight? What happens if I follow the same calories and continue to eat low calories? Will it not give me better result?

Answer: I am sports nutrition coach. Many colleges, universities have populated different approaches towards Nutrition, but we follow athletic practices endorsed by International Sports sciences association tried and tested on many elite athletes globally. Leptin, Ghrelin and a lot of things I would like to talk about relating to this question , But let me give you easy information.

1. Calories IN = Calories Out “You Maintain Weight”
2. Calories IN > Calories Out “You Gain Weight”
3. Calories IN < Calories out “you lose Weight”

Your body is built on survival mechanisms, it knows how to handle hunger to life threatening situations. Now you can go on fasting, Literally Starve and not feed your body, Low calories, Eat a piece of cake, give XYZ calories or so on BUT the goal on weight loss is to create “Negative Energy Balance” i.e, Give body less calories than it needs. NOW YOUR BODY IS A SMART MACHINE AND WILL ADAPT TO THIS LOW CALORIE DIET PRETTY QUICK AND START SURVIVING . 


1. When you give less calories, your body decides where to use these calories. Your circulatory system, respiratory system are important aspects for you to be alive. It will use these low calories to carry on primary functions of the body and shut down not so important functions.
2. In these situations your body prepares you for a starvation making it even more difficult for you to lose fat as Fat is your reserve store of energy. Body treats fat like an asset and would love to store it. Your body triggers stress hormones and pushes the body into a catabolic state(Muscle loss may happen too).

Inorder for your body to NOT ADAPT to the same low calories its important to cycle your calories and not go on continuous low calorie diets. Your weight-loss will stall making it really difficult. In these conditions people try to cut down even more calories making it even more difficult to lose fat.

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