Do i need any workouts for 17% Body fat?

Question: I have checked my body fat today is 17 % so do i need to reduce fat and i need to build muscle?

Answer:You are already at healthy fat levels but not the best.. it should take you just couple of weeks to get to 12 or so...and then pack on muscle.. there are two ways to go about it. Be on calorie surplus for five days and calorie deficit for two days. So you build muscle five days and loose fat on 2 days. We can caluclate the calories and make a diet plan for you. First caluclate your DCE(daily calorie expenditure) subtract 500 calories straight . That's your deficit. Increase your calories on rest give days about 300 calories to DCE. Please let us know your age, height , and weight. We have your fat percentage. We will help you with a diet plan. Good luck and any questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help

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