Curd and Milk Products really harmful to humans?

Question: I have a habit of eating curd everyday during my lunch/dinner. My diet plan doesn't have any of the milk products. How do i overcome body heat issue with out curd/butter milk? Are they really harmful?

Answer: We humans are not water heaters. It’s a myth that people think eating eggs are causing pimples, eating too much chicken causes pimples, certain body types are “heat bodies” and having buttermilk will cool the body.

When body generates heat might have meant :
All the exothermic reactions including but not limited to mitochondria cells producing heat as they create energy for utilization, when you exercise, when food is broken down in the process of being converted to energy, etc…The core temperature slightly raises. Especially protein foods have high “Thermic effect”. If you replace some of your carbs and fat with protein, will the extra caloric burn help you lose weight? Apparently yes. protein's calories are lost to its own metabolism and the rise in body temperature it causes, known as the "thermic effect". Compared to fat and carbs, protein is a thermogenic macronutrient (Simply, you burn more calories just to digest protein food). Your body is self-regulated and knows how to regulate temperature (hypothalamus). Now sometimes this may trigger excess sebum production which may result in pimples.

Now WATER IS MORE THAN ENOUGH to keep yourself regulated from heat strain, you can also consider basil seeds and lemon to flavor it. ( ) . Now avoid diary products for various health risks associated , it also estrogen properties which will trigger your body’s fat conservation and may not be a good choice on your fatloss goal

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