Colostrum Milk -THE WHITE GOLD

Magic Food: Colostrum Milk (THE WHITE GOLD) , The Lean Muscle Building Champ.

This is an exclusive post to our group, no internet talks about it. If there is a magic food on this earth that is this. Every human should consume especially the Athletes, old aged.

Colostrum is the milk produced by mammals after giving birth. It contains important growth factors and immune system compounds, plus nutrients for the new offspring to get a jumpstart on life.

• Infused with immunoglobulins and growth factors
• Help keep the lining of the digestive system healthy
• Colostrum has even been proven to be an effective treatment for severe diarrhea
• That insulin-growth factor I (IGF-I) and insulin-growth factor II (IGF-II) found in colostrum improve nitrogen balance and increase muscle growth
• The healing properties of colostrum—whose muscle building and connective tissue repair qualities are unsurpassed—promote muscle hypertrophy.

I get 10 literes, refrigerate and make a pudding and eat as per Macros every single day.

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