Chances of getting hernia due to weight lifting in women

Question: Please elucidate about getting hernia due to weight lifting, preferably in women

Answer: I am a Bodybuilding specialist. Consider this.

Many hernias result from a weakness in the abdominal wall that one is born with or that develops over time. Heavy lifting, excessive coughing, straining (constipation ) or pregnancy could be regarded as possible factors. Now drilling more specific to weight training keep this in mind.

1. focus on correct lifting and breathing techniques
2. Dont Hold breath for too long. It could pass out from the intense internal pressure in the chest and abdomen which increases when you hold your breath on exertion. If it increases greatly, it squeezes down on the blood vessels shuttling blood and oxygen to and from the heart, resulting in increased intra-abdominal pressure
3. Warm up properly before Exercise as it raises your core temperature. Do a Bear walk or a treadmill warm up.
4. Avoid Forced reps trying to perform few more reps with help of a spotter/trainer/friend
5. Excessive weight around the mid-section can place undue pressure and downward pull on muscle and organs, resulting in congenitally weak spots bearing a tremendous burden, and ultimately hernia. Ex: Weighted Planks
6. Include your Core strengthening workouts , A weak core is prone to Hernias. Regular abdominal training will build strength in the areas most likely to be affected by a hernia
7. Always lift within your capacity. Especially when you try setting your personal best records, wear a core support belt when lifting Sub maximal weights.
8. Maintain Caution with Squats , deadlifts as these workouts involve your core. Master your form and build your core strength before you go for heavy lifting.
9. When lifting a heavy weight, take a squatting position and keep the back straight and maintain SPINE NEUTRALITY.

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