Chakrasana/Yoga/Bodybuilding and risky Bio Mechanics

Chakrasana/Yoga/Bodybuilding and risky Bio Mechanics:

Exercises done beyond normal Joint range of motion (ROM) cumulatively may result is injury. GOAL: If you are a gymnast competing for olympic medal do it. If you are just a fitness enthusiast, Its not worthy taking risk.  It  is like racing a bike beyond safe speed. GOAL: If you are a racer on Race track, do it. if you are a recreational biker, Its not worthy taking risk.

ONE size does not fit All: Any exercise should be designed keeping in mind clients pre-existing health conditions, individual goals, choices in mind. A good coach cannot mass-populate a theory as if one exercise fits All.    Running may not be a safer choice for clinically obese client, Hyper extension of back is not a great idea for slip disc condition, Jogging may not benefit an  Asthma condition. A good coach can make a statement  "Eat Healthy, Its Good for health"  ,  "DO exercise it improves health".  "Study well , it helps you in living". A good coach will not endorse "Do Chakrasana" , "follow Keto diet for weightloss " Pick engineering to get a job". Its like asking Follow BJP or follow this relegion its good. Ones individual opinion should not cover mass population I believe.

 I am certified in “Medical Exercise Therapy” and from a safe “Bio Mechanics standpoint” I have been stressing on rejecting exercise that DOES NOT CALL FOR NEUTRAL SPINE especially if you have pre-existing back problems.
As a consumer of Information, you got to be extremely careful and make informed decisions especially when celebrities, trainers, coaches make recommendations. You should always analyze the RISKS vs BENEFITS of an exercise and see if it fits in overall routine to make you FUNCTION BETTER INREAL LIFE.

1.  Celebrity Endorsement: Understand “Eat fruits & vegetables you get vitamins is  a health statement different from celebrity endorsement “Drink Complan you get 24 essential vitamins”  or “Boost is the secret of my energy” . Remember celebrities endorse Cigarettes, Whisky to dangerous supplements, BAD EXERCISES too.  So just because when a youtube celebrity says something does not mean I put my commonsense to rest.

2. Exercise Purpose:FITNESS IS TO MEET REAL LIFE DEMANDS AND CHALLENGES and evolve as a person to function better in everyday life. Your exercise selection should match the real life needs and demands and REAL LIFE MOVEMENTS AND PATTERNS . Ex: Pick running because you have to walk/run in real life , Do Bicep curls because you may have a need to lift a bucket of water , Do yoga/meditation because it relieves your stress, Improve your endurance because one day you may have a need to push your troubled car in a ghat road, Improve strength so you can carry your grocery bag 5 floors up.

3.  Yoga and Bodybuilding : Yoga is a beautiful form of Art. ITS AN AMAZING EXERCISE NO DOUBT. IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION that in real life DO I NEED THIS MOVEMENT IN REAL LIFE  BEYOND THE EXERCISE ROOM ? If I am a Gymnast competing for Olympics I need extreme flexibility, agility and mobility that’s a different case. But if I am a regular office going guy should I take risk to do extreme forms of exercise?

4. Bio Mechanics : Any exercise in the Gym and I see a ton of Bodybuilding crap with UNSAFE BIOMECHANICS and extreme yoga poses not falling with the Range of motion.  Overall there is a normal standard but individual difference can vary. The recommendation is to work your body to its optimal active ROM within the normal range.
·  Normal cervical flexion ROM ( 80-90 degrees)  |  Normal cervical extension ROM ( 70 degrees)  | Normal cervical side-bending ROM (20-45 degrees)  | Normal Cervical Rotation ROM ( 70-90degrees) | Normal thoracic flexion ROM (20-45 degrees)  | Normal thoracic extension ROM (20-45 degrees) | Normal thoracic side-bending ROM (20-40 degrees)  | Normal thoracic rotation ROM (35-50 degrees) | Normal lumbar flexion ROM (40-60 degrees) | Normal lumbar extension ROM (20-35 degrees)  | Normal lumbar side-bending ROM (15-20 degrees) | Normal Lumbar rotation ROM (3-18 degrees)
We can pick safe yoga poses/gym workouts meeting the above criteria and NEUTRAL SPINE. Do we need to go past the sticking point than what is allowed to do and call it an exercise?

5.  What are Risks: Wrong exercise selection or unsafe bio mechanics is like “Smoking”. It may not impact you the day 1 but cumulative efforts will lead eventually lead to ill health.

6.  Risks Vs Benefits: 
Though the exercise you do have benefits and if the risks outweigh the benefits or there are safer and better exercises meeting your goal it should make sense for you to pick “Safer choices”

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