Can i take multivitamins with PCOS problem?

Question: My trainer along with diet chart told me to eat some multivitamins , vitamin D and omega 369 tablets. I have PCOS. Recently I visited my doctor and she prescribed me some tablets to take everyday for PCOS. So it fine to take all the tablets which my trainer and doctor gave?

Answer: Check your serum Vitamin D levels before starting your vitamin D supplementation. depending on the deficinecy you can think of adding vitamin D. Each brand contains a different IU of vitamin D. you multivitamin too may have vitamin D in it. So unless you know your levels, we would not encourage you on this supplementation. taking multivitamin for 3-4 months wont harm you. regularly follow up with your doctor regarding PCOS. there is no harm in taking them together but prefer 1-2 hours of gap. And also prefer whole foods rather supplements. Diet alone may not help you much, adding exercise will give you better results for your condition.

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