Can I suggest MB whey protein to pregnent lady?

Question: Can I suggest MB whey protein to a friend who is expecting. Can she even take once pregnancy is confirmed.. please suggest. Thanks.

Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach. consider the following. She can safely consume Whey when expecting or if she is pregnant. Protein plays an extremely important part in your pregnancy and the development of your baby. The amino acids which make up protein also form the basic building blocks of your body's cells — which in turn also form the building blocks of your baby’s body too.During the second and third trimester is when you should make sure your protein levels are where they should be, especially as this is when your baby will be growing it’s fastest and that means placing more demand on you for all his/her essential nutrients.

there is no clinical evidence that whey protein is unsafe during pregnancy. However, the issue at hand is an individual one as certain foods can be triggers for nausea during pregnancy. Whey protein is just another source of protein to complete your protein goal if you cannot meet it through whole foods . Normally any supplements have a label similar to “ Not intended for anyone under the age of 18, and DO not use if pregnant or nursing.” watch for it. But Whey can be consumed.

Do not construct this as a medical advise.

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