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My Last Hope when I Lost hope: When I first started this journey,Raj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ told many people look for weight loss but lets aim for “extreme” physique, build strength, endurance, flexibility things I have not heard of and even wondered if that’s ever possible. These kinds of transformations are only possible in photoshop, Tele commercials, Fat burner Supplements and drugs to lose fat. What if I tell you these people got me here without the need for any drugs, supplements. Its not about weight loss, they enabled a better lifestyle, they brought back my health. Now everyone look at up to me with respect, take me as an inspiration, ask me about diets.
These people believe in “Sustainable practices & high carb meal plans”. I was told anything we do should be a lifestyle change, sustainable and should be able to follow it for a Lifetime. Any fancy practices like Keto, High fat diet, VRK diet etc are few weeks magic. Many people advised me keto and lots of diets. Raj only said “Eat like an Athlete and Train like an athlete” . I started off with strength training at home. Raj always told me It will rain, summers will be scorching, Traffic jams, Winter colds, guests coming home, craving for foods, Hunger pangs, a lot of challenges will happen. Unless someone address each and every challenge, its impossible for just one diet plan to work. Came a long way and a long way to go, I will soon post a final transformation story that according to these people is “Extreme”. Cant thank you guys enough . When ever I needed a diet change Simran Bhatnagar was always there for me , Day night the team was with me

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From 98 Kg to 68 was an incredible journey. I am sure being in US , working out at home , Being a Mother , Sticking indoors due to winters and cold, New to weight training, Everything was a challenge. the way i have been coached, Addressed , motivated , everything was top Notch. From 48.3 % Body fat to 37 , My fat around the organs was 11 when I started came down to a safe degree of 5. I was told, I will be coached for a lifestyle change and not doing anything crash and now I know how to arrange my plate, Manage my cravings and I am confident of reaching 25% body fat soon. Thanks @raj for all your guidance and support. Keep changing the world guys.

I live in New Jersey. Its a 10 Kg fat loss journey, Not yet completed my journey but one day Im pretty sure Crunches will get me my dream physique. I wish I could go to the gym, I do some home workouts but follow a diet without deviation. Im happy to wear my clothes which I put on 10 years back, never expected. I am thankful to my consultant @Ŕäj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ who helped me get here. No supplementation, no crash diets. I enjoyed my journey so far, improved my health and Im confident of building a great physique. Its just a matter of time before I post again.

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