Best way to loose weight even by taking white rice instead of brown

Question: I was suggested to take Brown Basmati rice for my diet and I’m not at all enjoying my meal. So could you please tell me what’s the best way to loose weight even by taking white rice instead of brown. Can I loose weight in the same fast pace if I take white rice instead of brown.

Answer: When ever you start a Meal Plan consider two Factors

1} Intensity: A strict meal plan that will give you amazing results in the shortest timeframe possible but will call for certain sacrifices and giving up on favorite choices. You train your brain, eat for your performance NOT TASTE.

2} Sustainability: You include certain food choices and your favorite foods, you enjoy what you eat and you look at your plate seemingly happy every time you eat. You will NOT feel the burden of dieting. The trade off will be your TIME. You may not progress at 10X but will progress at 6X or 8X .

We as a company always advocate for sustainability than intensity. Sometimes we give our clients chocolates and drinks with their calorie limit, or they gonna discard the meal plan and eat those foods anyways. SO EAT AND DIET BECAUSE YOU ENJOY DOING IT not as a punishment for quicker results. You will still progress at your own pace. SO EAT WHITE RICE EVERY DAY if you think it makes your meal plan sustainable.

Now, the major difference between White rice and Brown Rice is the Fiber content in it making the brown rice slow digesting giving you sustained release of energy also keep your blood sugar levels stable. That means you are gaining less Fat. In order to gain the same benefits, I will tell you a simple HACK!!

You get Isabgol / Psyllium Husk in the super markets. This is Raw Fiber used as a Fiber supplement and also in cooking. Take a Spoon Full of Isabgol mixed in water and have it, you can then proceed having White rice. This will slow down the digestion of the white rice giving you the effects of Brown Rice. Now when you consume this with vegetable curries, it will further slowdown the digestion. And yes, your overall calories should still be on deficit and this works to give you good results.

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