Best exercises to build forearms

Question: Hi Crunches, Can you suggest some exercises to build forearms?

Answer: BRACHIORADIALIS is the large muscle of forearm which acts in Elbow flexion. 

If you want huge strong forearms consider this:

1. Your grip strength: Look at rock climbers, MMA/Boxing, strong man competitions, arm wrestling everyone have strong fore arms. When you hold a bar or barbell to perform exercises like Curls, Deadlifts, Chest presses, Shoulder presses, Farmers walk squeeze the bar as hard as you can as if you are crushing the bar. That will super-activate the forearm. Dead hanging, or statically hanging from straight or bent arms, can help build grip strength. I see many people in Gym carry heavy weights set lose balancing in their hand but with poor grip strength where the dumbbells are ready to fall any moment especially in farmers walk.

2. Zottman Curls, Reverse Barbell curls, curls done with hands in pronated position on curling bar. When the forearm is neutral or pronated (palms down) the brachioradialis and brachialis become more active .

3. Bar width: There was a difference in EMG (the recording of the electrical activity of muscle tissue) activity between the bars; thicker bars develop grip strength. For either of Olympic bar, a two-inch (5.08 cm) bar, and a three-inch (7.62 cm) bar Either buy and use “fat Gripz” or you can wrap a towel around the bar to increase the bar thickness. I use a brand called “Kobo”, cheap inexpensive man like 700 rupees on amazon. It works. Fat gripz are expensive. See you with Huge forearms :)

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