Best Core workouts to strengthen

Question : I am looking for Core workouts, can you please suggest some of them to strengthen

Answer: Core' is technically composed of as many as 35 different muscle groups connecting into the pelvis from the spine and hip area. In order to simplify the Core muscles I have divided them into four regions; back extensors, abdominals, lateral trunk muscles, and the hip muscles. The core is an important part of any sport that involves running, jumping, and sprinting. Good muscle strength within the core is very important to golfers, tennis players, baseball players, core muscle strength, endurance, and power is important to any athlete.

The Abdominals are a Unique Muscle Group Your abs engage regularly during the day -- not just during crunches and leg lifts. They serve as the axis of all your activity -- providing you the ability to stabilize, twist and bend. When you stand tall during lunges, balance on one leg in yoga or maintain good posture during a shoulder press, your abs activate. This means you essentially do "work" them every day already, even without meaning to. SO you dont need to train them seperately. 

How ever if you wish to directly target your core consider these workouts. These are the best, super safe.

McGill Curl-up, Side-bridges, Kettle bell swings , Hip Thrusters, Hip raise, Low to high cable chops or high to low cable chops, Staggered Hand Push-Ups,Farmer Carries, Overhead slam-ball winds, Stir the Pot , Pall of Press on cable machine , Planks, Side planks , Weighted planks (Dont mount weight on your back but use a dips belt to hang weight ) . NEVER DO CORE WORKOUTS YOU SEE PEOPLE DOING IN THE GYM especially with a label "6 Pack” , “Abs” and core workout . Everyone are simply Screwing up their spine and they have no idea about it. Cable crunches, Russian twists etc, Im attaching a pic for your refference.

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