Benefits of Alcohol and How much to drink on your weight Loss goal

While we do not advocate Alcohol drinking, many of our clients ask us how to manage their drinks on a weight loss goal. Here is a video on how much to drink on your weight loss goal based on your age and Gender. One Gram of Alcohol is Approx. 7 Calories. So if you know how much drinks you consume, subtract that from your over all calories for the day. All our paid clients, please make a request and we will incorporate the changes for you.

Regular and Moderate drinking can aid in weight-loss ONLY if you know how to manage it. Talk to us on your habits.Now as long as you enjoy in moderation, you can remain lean. Cricketers, Bollywood celebs enjoy their drinks too remember. The diets you are able to follow are always better than the Hard ones you eventually give it up.

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