Barbell preacher curl workout or lifting heavy dumbbells result in bigger arms for Women?

Question: Hi Crunches, Could you share the uses of Barbell preacher curl workout and which muscle build does it help?Many people think that Barbell preacher curl workout or lifting heavy dumbbells result in bigger arms and women are not supposed to do it...Is this true?

 Answer: Let me break this answer into multiple parts so it helps rest girls in d group.

Do women need to lift heavy weights ?

They definitely should . females are at the risk of osteoporosis and they keep depleting their bone density . that is why “Women Horlicks” , “Women calcium sandoz “ are target sold. Lifting weights will promote new bone growth, Increase your metabolism and strength. Over all you become a strong woman with amazing body composition.

Do women Become bigger and look like Men if they lift heavy weights?
Going to a gym lifting weights with 10,12,15 reps will not make even males bigger forget about females. We need to lift sub-maximal weights to get bigger (above 75% of 1 RM) and then be on Calorie surplus, Give good 7-9 hrs of sleep so your hormones do the rest work. You create this conditions through deliberate planning.

Now, men and women make hormones in both groups, with different ratios depending on gender. Testosterone belongs to a class of male hormones and is higher in ratios in Males which is primarily responsible in repairing tissues, maintaining muscle and Bone mass. Women have more levels of Estrogen and less of “T” levels is one of the properties is to conserve more body fat. So females have more body fat and less muscle mass compared to males

So you will never ever see Hrithik Roshan kind of Muscular females no matter which gym you go or how heavy weights they may lift on this globe.

Preacher Curl: Most studies on the effectiveness of muscle contraction use electromyography (EMG), which measures the electrical activity or excitability level of the muscles involved. preacher curls are actually the highest rated iEMG test you can select for your biceps . Preacher will also prevent you from cheating and isolate your biceps.

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