Arawindd Gaadiraju's Success Story

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My wonderful journey with Crunches India from past 2 months. I feel so accomplished

It feels so good when you meet people and they asks you what's your story ? And how ?

It brings lot of confidence when you speak. I will take this opportunity to sincerely thank Raj and Kalyan .👍 Raj - for the wonderful hand holding support from past 60 days for the workout plans and for the great patience because i asked many silly questions but still he use to explain me in detail with great motivation. Kalyan - for the very efficient diet plan based on our food preferences and continuous follow up(24*7) on the diet, weight etc..,

 Thank you so much brother's (Raj and Kalyan) for your great support.🙌🙏 I have managed to loose 13.8 kgs in 60days. It's unbelievable for me and they both made it very easy to acheive this. Looking forward for more good results.😃

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