Apple cider vinegar is really effective? Any side effects?

Question: I have a quick question about apple cider vinegar, there seems to be a great marketing about it aiding in fat loss.. Can you please give some information on it really effective? Any side effects?

Answer: you should realize that all the 75 trillion cells of the human body are slightly acidic and must exist in a slightly alkaline environment (the body fluid) if they are to remain healthy and produce energy. Our bodies are alkaline by design and acid by function. Maintaining alkalinity is essential for life health and vitality.The benefit of vinegar is in it's pH balance. It's pH is 3.0. Many people today have an overly acidic pH due to drinking colas, improper food combinations, consumption of processed foods, stress and pollution. Apple Cider Vinegar raises the alkalinity of the extra cellular fluid that surrounds your cells.


Now for weight loss, there is a peer reviewed research on Mice, Where Rats upon consuming of ACV were subject to less accumulation of fat upon consuming starchy carbs. Like potato and Brown Rice. Now there is No Human evidence. its just heavily marketed. There is no single food for Fat loss, Your over all calories consumption in a day will decide whether to Lose weight or Not. the link to research article is

Apple being a fruit, chances are large sometimes its rotten and consumption by pregnant women will transmit any unwanted diseases to the baby. So always use Pasteurized ACV.use a straw to sip as ACV may damage your tooth enamel because of its nature.

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