Any other vegetarian protein available other than whey protein

Question : I have some questions before starting with journey
1. Are high protein low carb diets cause any problem to the uric acid levels.
2. Any other vegetarian protein available other than whey protein.

Answer: Many people make these claims “Whey protein will Damage your kidneys” “Whey Protein will Increase Uric Acid Levels” .Context matters. For someone already having elevated uric acid levels or damaged kidneys the protein intake is generally restricted Not whey alone. In healthy individuals, consider this. I will make it simple for you to understand. Uric acid is a waste product created during the normal breakdown of purines. Now not every food which has protein is has same Purine levels. If you consume too much purine in your diet, or if your body can't get rid of this by-product fast enough, uric acid can build up in your blood. 

Foods containing uric acid and the compounds that metabolize into uric acid include most animal meats, such as beef, pork and seafood. Bacon, however, is very high in purines due to the processing used to make it ready for human consumption and should be avoided. Alcohol and breads which contain yeast are also foods high in uric acid that should be kept out of the diet.

Whey Protein supplements contain gycomacropeptide, a small protein component of milk that appears to reduce the risk of attacks of gout. whey protein is derived from cow's milk and contains small amounts of purines is considered relatively safe. ( , ) I can add more scientific links on Whey protein safety and high protein diets on Athletes and they Kidney safety .

Your answer to second question: Plant protein, Soy, pea Protein, Whey protein there are many proteins. “Protein” is a generic word but what makes the quality of the protein is its Bio availability, the amino acid profile that determines the efficiency at which Body absorbs protein, Recovers, heal and repair, Ease of digestion Etc. So, consider supplementing with Whey products as its considered Superior. vegetarians also need to consume 10% more protein than Non-Vegetarians and there are lots of other factors. So Overall Whey is the winner.


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