After decreasing weight do we need to change our diet plan?

Question: When on diet & workout ,after decreasing weight do we need to change our diet plan to increase/decrease calories .If so could you please explain the rationale behind it

Answer: Yes, As and when you decrease your body Fat significantly , Your calorie count changes. The more muscular you are, The more calories you got to consume. Ex: If you are 100 KG with 30 % Body Fat and after few months You are at same 100KG with 20% Body Fat you are more muscular. At 15% body fat you are even more muscular. Your Fat in the body is a dead weight and does not need nutrition support for its survival. So we only consider your Muscle mass in the Body and Thats how we plan the calories. More muscles=more calories to consume. You cannot eat the same calories at 80 Kg and 100 KG body weight. You need to frequently get your Body Composition analysis to understand the Body composition changes and plan your Calories accordingly.

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