Adithya Aadhi's Success Story

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They said that getting Abs is easy if you workout and follow a proper diet, but maintaining them? Having them for a time? It’s pretty hard to resist yourself towards all the foods that you see when you’re a foodie, but Crunches was always beside me giving delicious meals which never made me cheat. It’s 9 long months of the journey with Crunches for me. With many yummy meals and proper workout plans, it took 3 months for me to reach from 23% body-fat to 13% body-fat and for my Abs to pop out and I’m so proud I have a 6 pack body for the last 6 months by enjoying biryani once a week and having delicious milkshakes every other day. I never used to squat or deadlift regularly or I didn’t even think I can before joining Crunches but these incredible people made me so strong that today I can squat 90 Kgs and deadlift 120kgs. It’s said that beyond 12% of body fat our body tries hard to hold fat because it hardly has any. Now I ’m trying to cut down to single digit body fat and gain lean muscle mass with the help of our trainers and nutritionists, Will come up a picture with a single digit body fat soon. You guys are always with me whenever I needed help. Thank you to the whole incredible team of Crunches for helping me with proper nutrition and workouts.

I could barely believe this transformation. I stay in Texas-USA and my trainer stays in Hyderabad-India, I never believed this would help me but it really did, I received my personalized diet and workout plans from Crunchers, I have lost my body fat of 6% within the span of one month, As it said 80% of our bodies are made in kitchen and the rest 20% in the gym, Diet really plays a vital role in shaping ourselves, Crunches- India Had made a really good workout and diet plan for me which helped a lot in losing my body fat while I enjoyed eating my food and working out 🏋️‍♀️ 

This is just a beginning there’s a lot more to achieve and I think I would surely do that with the help of the team Crunchers India, Many of my friends are in this group training themselves, Grinding hard to get into a perfect shape, I thank every individual of the team crunchers India for helping me throughout day and night.

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